Green Heron Nest - third week

August 27, 2021  •  2 Comments

I had very little time to follow the nest during the third week. I had an out of town guest, and I would have been a very bad host had I abandoned my guest. So, I got there three times during week 3, on days 17, 20 and 21. They grew a lot from day when I last saw them on day 14.  They also continue to be more animated and stretch their wings a lot: They also continued to explore the nearby trees, but not very gracefully: I next got to the nest on Day 20. My how they had grown! The also continues to explore the trees, but have not yet flown: It was very interesting to see how the chicks greeted each other in the nest. They are now mimicking the parents greeting: And they are getting more agile while exploring their environment: On day 21, they are starting to look much more composed:  They are looking more and more adult-like, were it not for the fuzz around their heads and necks:  So, by the end of week 3 they are still sticking close to the nest. True fledging has not occurred yet. 


Nature by Nancy
Thank you Dona!
Dona Townsend(non-registered)
Wonderful blog, loved the progression of growing up green heron.
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